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External links:

Jackson Lee Band Trump video
Trinity Desktop Environment ("TDE" or "trinity" binaries, source and instructions for the current and one previous version.
A collection of links
Ruthie's web site
Opt out of DoubleClick, brought to you by Network Advertising Initiative.  Hot Deals Club links to opt out.
The CharterHouse web site.  YesICan
Cygwin, the GNU + Cygnus + Windows = Cygwin web site.
Google  Google/Linux  Groups.google.com
Linux Administrators Security Guide
Settings in /proc - the IPSysctl tutorial (local copy) by Oskar Andreasson.  This is the real thing.
Traffic Reports from Sigalert.
Yahoo! Mail   Yahoo! Group LinuxIMQ
Update Windows 2000 v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com

Intranet links:

Why Windows Security Is Awful.
Toggle (configure) Privoxy
PC Magazine Nov 5 2002 104 Ways to make Windows Work Better
Advanced Routing and Traffic Control (iproute2)
Apache 2.2 manual.
Apache Server Survival Guide
Advanced Bash Scripting
Bad Block HowTo
Bart PE, our HowTo for building a bartpe bootable recovery CD for Windows
Bzip2 compression documentation
Buffalo Client Manager 3 Version 1.3.7
Copy of the impossible to get sapaf.html by Blars Blarson Single-address proxy-arp firewall document
cygwin users guide
How to force X windows to use VT 7.
Make Netscape be your default browser
Dans Guardian with Squid 3.0
DNews manualWeb siteSupport news group.  Their FTP siteReports (in progress). SurgeNews
# djbdns cacheing # Domain Name Service. External cr.yp.to
Herodotus on death
DVD Layer Breakfor Gear Pro Mastering CD and DVD burning software
The Elvis editor docs
Floppy disk utilities FAQ
My Custom Firewall
Index of ftp://andthatsjazz.org, a listing of files available on our FTP site.
Download Gimple PC_Lint 9.rar + serial and CORE keygen
Maximum Security, a Hacker's Guide to Protecting your Internet Site and Network
Audio output using ALSA via an HDMI cable.
I resign. If I Knew. Can't Cry Hard Enough.
iptables (Netfilter) Tutorial v1.2.2 by Oskar Andreasson.
iptraf, a network monitoring tool: the manual
Jaguar documentation (Car, not animal)
Java Bookshelf
Joe's FTP Proxy Gateway (jftpgw) documentation
Junkbuster (now Privoxy, the Junkbuster replacement), documentation
LARTC Advanced Routing and Traffic Control (iproute2)
libtcp++_0.1.1 binary and tcpgate-0.0.2 binary files
Linux Command Reference
MySQL Table of Contents or the whole manualMySQL for Dummies.
ncFTP web site (local copy)
ncFTPd reports
Network Administrator's guide
Rick Jones' Network Troubleshooting Checklist
Network Bookshelf
Force NumLock on at boot
Perl Bookshelf
Postfix, our Sendmail program
Download a QEMU Windows 2000 image and read the notes
SQL server: Postgres Administrator's guideProgrammer's guide.
SQL server: Postgres tutorialUser's guide.
Lee Killough's How to Defeat Bad Web Robots with Apache. Download our package that uses a mysql database rather than flat files.
Samsung F8500 plasma TV: install cooling fans, see calibrated settings, my critical review of the Darbee Darblet.
Samba Bookshelf
The Slackware Book
Slackware Linux Unleashed
System Administrator's Survival Guide
SetACL, a Windows permissions program
How to use key authentication to ssh to a Windows host.
SSH TipsScripting SSH and SFTP.
SQLite documentation
How to set up Squid-cache to send requests for one domain to a remote proxy server.
Tor manual
FTP or HTTP download Turbo Torrent 1.1.6.
Understanding IP Addressing
Unix Bookshelf
64-bit Vista and CharterHouse
Virtual Network Computing (vnc) X documentation
Set up a "help desk" using a Linux repeater / proxy and UltraVNC
Web Bookshelf

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